What features does dental clinical software have?


To get started and familiar with the use of our dental software you can register immediately and request a free demo of the tool. This will check first-hand what Clinic Cloud can do for you and your clinic, without high fees or permanence requirements.

Health Software: the best ally of Management and Control

With the trial version of our dental clinical management software you can enjoy all the advantages and functions of this interesting application that allows you to manage your dental clinic online. You will be able to record and manage your patient data, with no limit on data usage.

We offer various types of monthly maintenance fees adapted to dental clinics of all kinds, which you can hire after the trial period is over. There is a mini fee, suitable for clinics or consultations with smaller data volumes, which has all the necessary functions to facilitate the usual management. In the case of professional centers, they will have a pro fee that adds other more specific functions to all that offer the mini fare.

Finally, we offer the possibility of making a tailor-made rate, ideal for franchisees or groups of clinics that have special needs that do not be solved with the functions of the above rates. With our dental clinic program you will have everything you need to perform all the daily tasks of your clinic.

What is the importance of using dental software in the profession?

Health Software: the best ally of Management and Control

Our dental clinic management software offers the ability to computerize all your company’s information and store it in the cloud. You will have direct and complete access to any data wherever you are, at any time and with any device that can connect to the internet.

You’ll be able to keep your patient’s data and keep their medical history up to date. In addition, it has a function that allows you to save reference images of your patients’ dental parts, to check their evolution over time without losing any data.

We want to offer you an effective and immediate solution, with the advantages offered by an online management tool, and without the inconvenience of having to download and install heavy programs. Start using our dental clinical program and check its benefits on your own.

It’s a unique way to save time and effort in those tedious daily clinical and financial data management tasks, so you can dedicate it to your patients, which are ultimately the most important thing about your company.

What is the dental clinic program that best fits the needs of my clinic?


Our software for managing dental clinics has been proven to improve the efficiency of dental treatments and give dentists greater credibility among their patients. Quality dental software has countless advantages for the management of your company, always with the aim of facilitating all your daily work.

It will also make your work easier to keep in touch with your patients. You won’t have to worry about calling each patient to remind them of their appointments. All checks, cleanings, or fillings will be stored in the Clinic Cloud calendar. The app will take care of sending a text message to patients as a reminder, a method that is up to 75% more effective than a call.

As for the own management necessary in a dental clinic, with our dental software you can make the daily box, control your invoices, keep a record of expenses and income or solve possible cases of non-payments.

Your own smile when you start using Clinic Cloud will be the best guarantee of satisfaction for patients who follow treatment at your dental clinic. So, don’t hesitate to try the best dental clinic program.

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