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Most used ERP
The enterprise resource planning software market, ERP, is huge. You can see thousands of ERP software vendors or software vendors. In today’s environment, the ERP software list is growing, many ERP software companies offer vertical market solutions to meet the unique requirements of specific industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and others.

An ERP system generally describes a modular software solution that incorporates the financial side of the business and then adds tightly integrated application modules that target other areas of the business, including managing relationships with the CRM, supply chain management (logistics), business intelligence (BI), material resource management (MRP). ERP system providers work for erp system configuration management, ERP software, and ERP software ERP system.

Institutional resource planning systems have a systematic approach to integrating the entire institutional process. This article will help prospective buyers help organizations better understand how to select the best ERP system that fits their business needs. SAP is the largest and most recognized and is a leader in the enterprise market.

SAP has been an option for large organizations and the company has achieved its success thanks to its extremely reliable accounting and distribution software… In 2015, SAP led the market share with 6% growth in market share and $5.3 billion in ERP product revenue. Cited from Apps Run The World -2015, the ERP application market is expected to reach $84.1 billion by 2020, up from $82.1 billion in 2015 at a compound annual growth rate of $0.8%.

NetSuite ERP
Netsuite ERP is a reliable brand and is considered the most implemented cloud ERP. It is a feature-rich system, as it is designed to adapt to the needs of growing companies, making it an ideal platform for medium and large businesses. As the center of key business processes, the ERP system integrates inventory management, revenue management, financial management, fixed assets, order management, and billing.

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Netsuite excels in managing your financial records, including tracking and controlling expenses. The system provides real-time monitoring as well as critical metrics such as financial close, revenue, and overall financial performance.

In the same way, you maintain strict control of your inventory processes, from sourcing to payment, with this ERP. A key tool in this module is the self-service feature for vendors, which automates and streamlines repurchase.

The system also eliminates manual bottlenecks in the order-to-box workflow. Netsuite ERP establishes a seamless approval and pre-establishment process, from sales quote to compliance, through billing and collection. With sales, finance, and integrated compliance, your business hums efficiently without the need for much manual labor.

In addition, managers and staff can customize their dashboards individually to show key metrics that are important to their role. It also has an additional module, Human Capital Management, to help you assess staff productivity and provide a data-driven route to improve performance.

Sage Intacct
Intacct proclaims itself as the «only ERP you will need» and has no basis. The system has a rich set of modules that cover most, if not all, of its transactional processes. It has basic accounting features, from accounts receivable and accounts payable to cash management and the general ledger. It has contract and subscription billing and fixed assets. It also supports multi-entity and global consolidations and provides sales and usage tax processing. For its comprehensive financial tools, the solution is endorsed by AICPA for CPAs.

The system is applicable to a wide range of industries such as health, wholesale and retail. It is also ideal in areas with strict financial regulations.


Despite having a sophisticated accounting infrastructure, Sage Intacct is very easy to learn. There are interactive videos and introductory webinars to make the onboarding process easier. Similarly, you can customize the built-in reports in a way that makes sense for your processes. You have a set of charts, charts, and dashboards that you can adjust to present important metrics. The system can also be set up in automation to calculate recurring figures such as commissions, rebates, sales orders, and purchase orders. However, you have user permissions and access control to protect your data from violations.

Another key benefit of Intacc is its broad integration. The Sage Intacct Marketplace allows you to integrate the system with other front-line applications that complement ERP processes such as online payment, CRM and travel management. Some of the big names include Salesforce, ADP, Expensify, and American Express.

Brightpearl ERP
Brightpearl is an omni channel retail management solution that streamlines your back-office workflows, allowing you to focus on business growth. As an ERP platform, it integrates key business systems, namely: inventory, accounting, order management, CRM, supply chain, compliance, reporting and analysis, and POS. As such, it consolidates the results and processes of various business units, including sales, purchasing, marketing, finance and e-commerce. Its broad set of features is clearly aimed at medium and large enterprises.

The system is specifically useful for multichannel retailers looking to give efficiency to managing different sales channels in one place. In addition, retailers can consolidate a variety of disconnected but relevant data on customers, orders, inventory, sales and accounting channels, among others, and discover patterns or views that are critical to strategic planning or daily decisions.

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Brightpearl is also competitively priced, offering modular plans to scale functions based on the pace of business growth. Instead of implementing different systems for each sales channel, a platform can join these channels and integrate them with popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify.

With a consolidated system, your inventory is easier to manage and supply levels are monitored. Each sale updates inventory in real time and prevents lack and excess stock.

Another key advantage is the automation of the accounting process, freeing you from time-consuming accounting. Orders, payments, and billing are automatically entered in the records. You can easily extract the data at any time or shred it for analysis. In addition, this central data center becomes the key to generating reports that help you make information-based decisions.

As a cloud solution, Brightpearl is accessible from anywhere and anytime from a wide range of devices.

Odoo ERP is a fully packaged management solution built on an open source framework. It has accounting modules, project management, human resources, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing and a school of back-office applications. As an extended ERP, it also integrates natively with your web builder, e-commerce, POS, CRM and sales applications, offering you a robust centralized platform from which to run the company’s key business processes. To top it off, the solution offers a free application for up to fifty users. The solution is suitable for both small businesses and large businesses.

As an open source platform, Odoo is a rich source of supported applications for more functionality. More than 300 applications are developed monthly on its platform covering various business and productivity operations. For a growing business, Odoo introduces a scalable platform to scale to more sophisticated features as needed. You have over 1000 modules to choose from for beginners, then you can develop your own apps through the API key.

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With a clear user adoption strategy, you can replace most of your business applications with Odoo, or at least integrate these applications around the ERP system framework. That sounds ambitious if you lack a technical team, but Odoo turns out to be one of the easiest ERP to implement and the vendor has a reputation for being reliable.

ECount ERP
Ecount ERP is arguably one of the most affordable solutions for a robust system. It covers transactional management of your inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, and payroll and is hosted in the cloud so you can eliminate costly hardware and maintenance. Its best-for-money proposal makes it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a complete ERP within their budget. The system, however, is robust and adapts to the functionalities of the company.
The accounting module provides basic accounting characteristics such as accounts receivable/accounts payable, cost accounting, and cash flow management. These tools integrate with the other processes in your departments, helping you consolidate and run analytics across different datasets and discover insights.

By the way, Ecount ERP has a production-specific version with built-in features for BOM and cost scheduling. As for standard modules, they help you closely monitor inventory levels, purchase orders, and sales in real time. Historical records are also keepfor reference and analysis.

In general, Ecount ERP can bring efficiency and accuracy to your financial records, leading to a clearer picture of the company’s actual profitability.

Sage 100 ERP offers small and medium-sized enterprises a complete set of functions including accounting, distribution, CRM, HRM, inventory, time tracking and project management modules. It also includes industry-specific features for manufacturing and includes business intelligence tools.
By the way, Sage 100 ERP has been upgraded to Sage 100c built on the same management platform as the previous version. The new system has a more intuitive user interface and mobile access. Generally, it has the same capabilities as the old version, which is now known as Sage 100 2017.

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The system helps you consolidate disconnected internal processes, adapt to sudden market changes, manage people and suppliers, and meet regulatory requirements. Despite its complexities, the interface is easy to navigate and configure, although not the most perfect, it is manageable even for people without technical knowledge.

A key function is that the historical budgets of the different departments cannot be accessed, which is useful for global and localized budget planning, thus enabling a more accurate and efficient financial forecast at the beginning of the Exercise.

Predefined, industry-specific report templates are provided so you can get started quickly. As a scalable ERP in both features and pricing, Sage 100 ERP meets the needs of a fast-growing business.

FinalcialForce ERP
FinancialForce ERP consolidates your sales, services, finance, and human resources data around the customer, based on the logic that customers are the only reason behind all their business systems. With connected disparate data and efficient internal processes, you can provide better service or product to customers. The ERP system is aimed at mid-market organizations, but is scalable for both small and large businesses, as are many cloud ERPs.

The solution ensures that all your business units, especially front-line departments, are on the same page when dealing with customers. Transactional sales, marketing, support, HR, and accounting data are aggregated and easily accessible to authorized parts of your organization. Specifically, the system is divided into five main modules: financial management, ordering and billing, automation of professional services, supply chain management and human resources management. Streamline disconnected but related items, such as cash collection and revenue recognition, quote and bilingual, and talen sourcing and payroll.

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As a Salesforce product, FinancialForce integrates natively with other popular vendor products, including Salesforce CRM, FinancialForce Accounting, FinancialForce HCM, and FinancialForce SCM.

SAP Business One
SAP Business One is the leading ERP solution for midsize companies, especially suppliers. It helps small and medium-sized businesses integrate and automate their finances, human resources, and operations to achieve efficiency and visibility into the real health of their business.

The ERP system has seventeen components that manage different business processes separately but synchronized with each other. The sales module, for example, includes an accounting journal, with data reflected in both the sales module and the accounting module.

In addition to financial management and sales and opportunity management, SAP Business One includes the following modules: supply chain management, production planning and inventory management, project management, and business intelligence. The system also provides mobile access and cloud tools that allow flexibility for people on the move.

A key advantage is that automation reduces, if not eliminates, erroneous errors and data inconsistencies. On the other hand, user permissions and approval settings ensure the protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access.

iXERP Standard
Built for small and medium-sized businesses, iXERP Standard centralizes internal and external resources to facilitate the management of daily processes through its comprehensive control panel. It comes equipped with an automated multifunctional financial management tool for effective planning, tracking and management of your business anywhere, anytime.
With iXERP Standard, users only have to pay for the features you use. This means that the platform can be adapted to your specific requirements and budget. iXERP Standard also has a visual reporting tool with various graphical analyses to better illustrate the data, either by displaying the data periodically or on a fiscal year. Along with business indicators and data-driven insights, you can continue to rely on the right choice to move your business forward.

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