We are now in a moment of transition when technology and the digital age are slowly leaving behind more traditional methods. This includes the management of information and databases of almost any type of institution, including hospitals, clinics and dental offices.

The vast majority of large health institutions today have dental software that facilitates the management of the information of the countless patients that these types of clinics usually host. On the other hand, it is common for small and medium-sized practices not yet to give way to digitization for fear of compromising their safety or for thinking them unnecessary.

Why is it beneficial to have dental software?

Contrary to belief, dental software for hospitals is a very simple tool that allows clinics and clinics to have a safe, instant and accurate control and record of all their patients. This record includes the implementation of dentists and medical records, appointment schedules, patient follow-up etc.

Basically, these software allows any institution to streamline all kinds of processes both clinical and, in the best cases, administrative. Thus, the practice can maximize its resources saving a lot of time and money, as well as offering a better user experience for all its patients.

However, dental software for clinics is also transitioning from the internet: from software installed to cloud software. The latter being the new vanguard. Here’s why.

The advantages of cloud dental software

Cloud software offers a number of advantages that make it superior to installed software:

  • Cheaper price that is canceled monthly by subscription (which can be withdrawn at any time the customer wishes).
  • Cloud storage is done on the provider’s servers, in this case OralDrive. This allows the data to be handled by experts with implementation of serious security protocols.
  • Also, when stored in the cloud, information can be accessed from any device with the internet, provided that the user has the password and other security and access information (i.e. office staff).
  • Cloud dental software enables the implementation of digital dentists, printable diagnostics, etc.
  • It does NOT require any installation on the hospital server.
  • It evolves with the office because it allows you to hire only the necessary resources and increase them as needed. This also means a big saving of money.
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Why OralDrive dental software?

Once we’ve seen the benefits and benefits of implementing cloud dental software for any practice, it’s important to highlight which of those benefits are fulfilled by OralDrive software.

Being a software in the cloud, it has all the aforementioned protocols that generate the office customer loyalty, maximum use of resources, a substantial savings in process expenses and more, saving time.

In addition, OralDrive is the dental software with the most complete platform on the market that will allow any practice, to manage appointment schedules, medical histories, payments, budgets and all clinical and dental processes. Finally, this doubles the resource savings since the information should not be crossed from one program to another but is already integrated.