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Today technology solutions are not something new, it is well known that they are growing more and more and help us to make our day to day easier to, above all, our professional activity, getting with these applications, for example, to save time to the management.

There are software for companies without any modifications, but there are many other companies that want a customized software, increasingly requested. Those who try and have these developments do not see themselves without them, thus becoming indispensable for entrepreneurs.


ERP (Enterpise Resource Planning)

Acronym for Enterpise Resource Planning, which is «Enterprise Resource Planning». The most used software in companies, almost 80% of Spanish companies have an ERP software. Especially for those involving production, logistics, inventory, shipments and accounting. It groups purchasing management, sales management, human resources management, production management, accounting management, and stock planning and management. In this post we tell you in more detail What is an ERP?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management acronyms. Other software most commonly used in companies. This customer loyalty and management software aims to have a business strategy, directed or focused on anticipating and responding to the needs of customers, both current and potential and that the customer-company relationship grows. With this development you have stored in a database all the information of customers and potentials to be able to launch commercial and promotional actions for a better sale to the customer, and make it personalized. It is usually integrated into ERP solutions, explained in the previous point.

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BI (Inteligence Bussines)

Acronym for Bussines Inteligence, this is a powerful tool, dedicated to the set of strategies, applications, data, products, technologies and technical architectures. This software analyzes a company’s existing data, newspapers and even strategies, and strengths like weaknesses. So we can set goals and make decisions quickly.


Specialized call management software. This application has a call filter to classify them according to their importance. Customer service is very important that it is managed well, as it is a point in favor for companies. And it should be considered, not only have the traditional phone, especially young people already use other new ways of communication such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Chats, emails, contact forms, social networks, etc. That’s why these apps are being updated and many of these new forms of communication are already integrated.

SGA (Warehouse Management Software)

Every company that contains physical products should have warehouse management software, saves a lot of work and time to manage everything that is stored. This software is dedicated to managing the inand and out of stock, how much has been sold or lost and where each thing is located, very useful when you have more than one warehouse or to know in a minute where that product is stored. This software is one of the most used in companies that sell tangible goods and need to know at all times where they are.

POS (Point of Sale Terminals)

Terminals at the Point of Sale are dedicated to managing the entire sales process, tickets, invoices, sales, orders, etc. Very important in companies that have an online store, because it is also dedicated to making the collection. The POS is physical, like the dataphones or virtual, as we have said in the collection of eccomerce.

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