Applications to search for UFOs

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If you feel like going out looking for ET, these are some of the best UFO search apps. Because here we all want to believe, right?


Mutual UFO Network- is an application that aims to create a worldwide database of sightings and abductions. It allows you to report any encounter in the third phase that you have had with a complete questionnaire, in which you must point from the place, the shape of the object, if they landed and if you saw their crew and if they did some kind of experiment with anal probes with you.

This application will allow you to know all the latest news in the ufological, paranormal and conspiracy world. It includes a news section that will update you on everything that governments do not want you to know. In addition, it also has a video section where you will not only find ships from beyond the Tanhaüsser Gate. Quite a milestone in the human search for The Truth.

If you want to follow the latest sightings, this is your application. It tells you where the last encounters with these objects of unknown origin have occurred. It orders them by date, although it also allows you to search by continent or near your location. Because who hasn’t found a reptilian around the corner?

We all know that they are among us and that they rule the world from the shadows. They have a lizard face, they eat mice in privacy and their leader is tremendous. This application will let you know if your boss is a reptilian, or … Maybe your new girlfriend is? Remember, there is no way to know.

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Have you gone hunting for an alien and returned empty-handed? Nothing happens, you do not have to be the one to make me laugh at your ufological gatherings, you can always resort to putting the flying saucers yourself. OVINICA allows you to take your own photos or choose from the gallery, and then locate the different alien ships, rotate and rescale them. Because who doesn’t want a selfie with encounters in the third phase?